Tuesday, April 7, 2009

MTV Generacia

This week's club was a bit lighter of a theme than last, Abortion was quite heavy, quite sad. We aren't promoting depression at our club, so... we decided that a lighter theme was in order! :) We talked about the MTV Generation!

Here are the highlights:

- Humanity is a communications based society.
- Does how we communicate / the changes in how we communicate make a difference?
- Before we had been known for thought (the enlightenment) or for art (the renaissance)
- Technology is changing how we communicate = for the first time ever we had a generation identified by it’s mass communication (which we will call media)

- The MTV Generation = a generation was defined by it's media (music, entertainment, advertising, communications)
- This idea shows that how we communicate / forms of communication can shape our culture
- Communication and culture are linked

- Are we so swamped with entertainment and info that nothing is meaningful?
- With changes in media technology our culture has shifted from the oral tradition to print based to television based and now to the online world.
- Can mass media really shape how we as a society think?

-though focused on one idea, the concept of media shaping our thoughts is there = it teaches us what is to be "normal"

Discussion 1 – Society and Media:
-what is the main purpose of mass-media: entertainment / advertising / information
-do producers of media have their own agenda
-how much influence has media had on our society:
-does media compromise culture?
-how much of the world is more like the USA because of consuming Hollywood’s ideas
-what is the role of new medias? (YOUtube / blogging/ Facebook)

-how much is media shaping your thoughts? NOT AT ALL? right….
-are our thoughts really being shaped by media, even when we think there is diversity.

-even when you think you are being original, someone might have constructed the product to feel that way

Discussion 2 – Media and You:
- are you addicted to entertainment?
- how much control do you give to media over yourself (thoughts, opinions, style)
- what do you do to entertain yourself apart from TV and movies?
- when we consume certain media’s (music, movies, tv) – what does it say about our own lives?
- if you think society is too violent, are you not contributing to it by creating a demand for violent movies?
- how do you feel about being manipulated?

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