Wednesday, December 17, 2008

16.12 Stres v mojom zivote

Last night we had our last Club for 2008, and we had a really good turn out. The past couple weeks we have just had one big group for discussions, but this week we were able to go back to 2 groups! I think the theme for the night was part of the reason we had so many people come... who doesn´t have stress, and who doesn´t want to get rid of it???

So, Matt led us in our evening of Stress. He talked about how it impacts all levels of life.

- the individual experiences the effects of stress. It takes a toll on our minds, bodies and spirits.

- stress causes physical problems such as hyper tension, migraines, joint pain, back aches

- emotionally stress is linked to depression, substance abuse, and feelings of anger, frustration and hopelessness

- stress has a negative impact on the workplace and economy. The World Health Organization says that stress is a "worldwide epidemic". Statistics Canada says that 40% of job turnover is stress related and stress costs the Canadian economy $12 million each year. The American economy loses $300 billion each year.

- it impacts interpersonal relationships. How many fights have we had because one person was a little stressed out

Stress does not always come from negative events. Any change and the adaptation it requires can cause stress. Stress can be a part of adapting to any change - good or bad. Sometimes even thinking about these changes can cause stress.

Then we did a stress test... 2 dolphins, how many differences do you see? The more you see, the more stressed you are!

Then we watched the response of some people to stress...
Which brought us to our first discussion....
- What are your stressors?
- What causes you stress?
- How do you know when you are experiencing stress? What is your pattern of stress.
- How do you react to it?

Then we wanted to talk about ways of dealing with stress...
- Try being active. Exercise and physical activity releases endorphins that naturally combat stress and puts tense muscles to work. Being physically tired may also help you sleep
- A little emotional release can be a good thing: crying and laughing releases the same endorphins
- Watch a funny movie / sad movie. go to see a comedian. go somewhere private and let yourself cry etc.
- A hobby or project to direct your energies into and take your mind off of things.
-foods rich in antioxidants are good: Potatoes, cantaloupe, strawberries, raw cabbage and citrus fruits
-Magnesium helps a lot to manage your stress level. Green vegetables like spinach, almonds and seeds are the best source of magnesium.
- Use time management techniques like using a calendar or writing yourself reminder notes / plan your day ahead to be efficient
- Try a new, creative idea to an old problem (even if it seems a bit crazy)

here´s one more method....

Discussion 2:
- How do you cope with stress?
- How should you cope with stress?
- How do you see other people coping with stress?
- What helps you best to cope with stress

Then Matt told us about how he was so stressed once that his eye started twitching, but he was still in denial that he had stress! That is, until his wife sat him down and told him the truth about his state, and he was able to confront his stress and do something to change the situation!

Then, we discussed another method of dealing with stress... which is to eat cookies! So, we did!

This was our last club for this year, but we are already excited for our FIRST CLUB of 2009 which will be on 17.02 at 18:30. But if you want to contact us over the break, you can email us at And if there is any theme or topic that you would want to talk about in the new year, don´t hesitate to email us your ideas!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Láska: fikcia alebo skutočnosť? Love: Fiction or Fact?

Ach, tá láska... vec bez ktorej ľudia nedokážu žiť... Čakali sme, že tohto klubu sa zúčastnia najmä dievčatá, ale stalo sa čosi, čo nikto nečakal... v skutočnosti nás mužské pokolenie prvýkrát prevýšilo svojou prítomnosťou!!! Nieže by nám to vadilo, to ani náhodou! Práve naopak, bolo to úplne super!

Oh, the love. Something that some people can't live without... For this club, we really expected to have a lot of girls come out, but something happened which were didn't expect at all... we had more guys than girls!!! Not that I'm complaining, not at all! In fact, it was refreshing!

Klub sme začali hrou „Baby, ak ma miluješ...“ a bolo sa teda na čom smiať. Väčšine z nás táto hra moc nešla, najmä kvôli tomu, že človek sa nesmiel ani len usmiať počas toho, ako mu ten druhý vyznával lásku a prosil ho ,aby sa na neho usmial. To však nebolo všetko... ešte mu aj s vážnou tvárou musel odpovedať, že ho tiež miluje, ale usmiať sa teda na neho nemôže lebo chce radšej vyhrať túto hru. Hovoríte si, že na tom nič nie je? Nuž, nebolo to až také jednoduché ako sa zdá... ale aspoň sme sa na sebe poriadne nasmiali.

This week we played a game that was really fun to start us off... Baby if you love me! I discovered that most of the people who came are not good at this game. All it needed was for a person to keep a straight face while the other declared their love for them. Simple, right? Well, I guess not as easy as it would seem! :) We had a good laugh though.

Po takomto úvode sme sa pustili do takého zahrievacieho kola diskusie...
Then we started with a little pre-amble...

Ako definujete lásku? Čo znamená láska pre teba? How do you define love? What love is to you?
Je láska MAGICKÉ (emócie) vs. CHEMICKÉ (reprodukcia)? ... Je láska iba nástroj, ktorý nám pomáha prežiť ako DRUH? Is love chemicals or emotions (magical vs. chemical). Could it be evolution's (reproduction) way to keeping us together for the reason of surviving as a species?

Až sme sa pustili do pozerania dvoch klipov, o tom ako nás láska môže niekedy vyprovokovať robiť bláznivé veci...
Which led us to watch 2 clips about how love can make us do really crazy things...

Diskusia č. 1
Discussion #1
1. Odkiaľ pochádzajú naše predstavy o láske? A akú úlohu pri tom zohrávajú naše vlastné skúsenosti, médiá, rodina, priatelia? Where do our ideas of love come from? (what role does own experience play, media, friends, family play?)

2. Ako je láska prezentovaná v médiách (reklama, filmy, piesne)? How do we feel is love represented in modern media? What does the media promote? (tv adverts, movies, songs)

3. Sklamal si sa už niekedy v láske? Prestal si preto veriť v lásku?
Has love ever hurt you? Has that made you doubt the power or the existence of love?

4. Je pravda, že láska nás ženie robiť bláznivé veci? Love makes us do crazy things..

Diskusia č. 2
Discussion #2:
1. Ako láska ovplyvňuje naše konanie/myšlienky/city/zdravie? Sme viac energický, chudneme atď. Does love influence our actions, thoughts (emotions) and health?...your heart beats faster, your eyes - zrnice sa ti rozsiria, your skin flashes - cervenate sa..

2. Aký vplyv má láska na tvoj život? Mení ťa to, keď vieš, že ťa niekto má rád? How love has affected your life..what has love changed me? what impact has love had on your life?

3. Mohol by svet existovať bez lásky? (..ak je to len mýtus?) Could the world survive without love (if it's just a myth)?

4. Súhlasíš s tým, že v láske a vojne je dovolené všetko?
Do you agree with the statement, "All is fair in love and war"?

Pred tým ako sme sa pustili do tej sladšej časti večera, čiže koláčovice, Betka nám porozprávala o tom, aký má ona – ako lásko skeptik - postoj k láske, o tom, že ona lásku medzi ľuďmi nedefinuje ako „lásku“, ale iba ako rôzne úrovne priateľstva, alebo vzťahov medzi ľuďmi. No napokon skonštatovala, že jedinú „skutočnú lásku“ , ktorú kedy spoznala, bola vo vzťahu s Bohom, kvôli tomu, že jedine v tomto vzťahu doposiaľ neprežila sklamanie ani ublíženie toho druhého, ale práve naopak naplnenie lásky a neuveriteľný pokoj duše.

Then, before we had cake, Betka told us about her personal experience of love and how she doesn't define love between people as "love", but as just in varying levels of friendship. And that her only experience with "true love", was in the context of her relationship with God. That it was in that relationship that she was able to experience true love and peace in that.

Napokon sme to priklincovali koláčom z kanadskej dielne Amber s názvom Ginger Bread s kilami šlahačky... Juchúúú nám navodilo už takú superskú vianočnú atmosféru!

Then, we had some Canadian cake ala Amber, with lots of whipping cream! It tasted a little bit like Christmas... :)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

True Spirituality

Tak toto bol asi náš najmenší klub doposiaľ v tomto semestri, ale verím, že tí, ktorí prišli, sa poriadne bavili. A tí, ktorí ste na klube chýbali...chýbali ste nám a preto sa na vás tešíme tento týždeň!

I think this was our smallest club yet this semester, but those who came, I believe, had a good time. So, for all those of you who missed it, we missed you too and we hope that you come this coming week!

Posledný klub bol veeeľmi zaujímavý, bavili sme sa totiž o Skutočnej spiritualite. Najskôr sme si definovali, čo pre nás spiritualita znamená, aký názor je verejne sprefanovaný medzi ľuďmi na túto tému a čo sa nám vynára pred očami, keď myslíme na duchovné veci. A taktiež sme sa snažili nájsť prepojenie medzi spiritualitou a vierou. A potom sa to všetko začalo...

This club was a very interesting one, we talked about True Spirituality. We talked about what spirituality means to us, what the popular opinion is on this subject, and what kind of pictures we think of when we think of spiritual things. We also discussed what kind of connection spirituality has with faith. Then, with this understanding... we began our first discussion...

1. Ako by ste charakterizovali veriaceho človeka? - what makes people spiritual?

2. Je pre nás viera prirodzená, naučená, alebo je to voľba? - are we naturally spiritual or is it taught or a choice or...?

3. Existuje prepojenie medzi spiritualitou a náboženstvom? - are spirituality and religion connected?

4. Existuje viacero alebo iba jedna správna viera? - Is there more than one correct faith?

5. Verím? Veríš? Veríme? ..v čo? - am I spiritual?

Potom sme si pozreli skvelé video, aj keď titulky si z nás sem tam vystrelili... Toto video bolo urobené síce z kresťanskej perspektívy, ale môžeš si ho pozrieť aj z neutrálnej perspektívy...presne to sme urobili aj my na klube.

Then we watched a very cool video, although the subtitles were...interesting... But we are working to fix the problem now! The video was made from a Christian perspective, but you can watch it also from a neutral perspective... which is what we did. Then we discussed the following...
1. Je Boh súčasťou nášho každodenného života? - is God involved in our daily lives?

2. Ako si predstavujete Boha? Na čom sú tieto predstavy založené? - what images do you have of God? How did you get those images?

3. Kde je Boh? - Where is God?

4. Kedy ladíme a kedy neladíme s touto piesňou? - what does it mean to be in or out of tune with the song?

5. Je možné aby človek veril v Boha, ale pritom neladil s touto piesňou? how can one believe in God and be out of tune?

6. Čo je dôležitejšie? ..čo robíme, alebo čo hovoríme? - what is more important? What we do or what we say?

7. Je rozhodnutie veriť v Boha záležitosťou pocitov alebo rozumu? Je každonenný život s vierou iný ako život bez nej? Does having faith in God need to be an emotional decision, or can it be purely an intellectual one? What difference does faith make in your everyday life?

Zvyšok času sme využili veľmi užitočne, najmä pre naše bruchá ...dva druhy koláčov (cookies od Betky a banánový cake od Kim z Kanady) ... no čo lepšie si môže človek priať?!

Then we had a very rich eating time after,... we had 2 delicacies to take part in... cookies by Betka and banana cake by Kim, our guest from Canada. They were really nice...

Príďte tento týždeň ...témou je LÁSKA: mýtus alebo realita? ..a pomastíte si určite aj bruchá..

Come this week... our theme is going to be LOVE: is it a myth or a reality??

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ako žiť s peniazmi a ako bez nich???

Ach tie peniaze... Ako je možné, že vládnu svetom?! Alebo, žeby nie? Sme schopní žiť bez peňazí? Je skutočne život iba o peniazoch? ..tak o tomto sme sa bavili na našom poslednom klube...opäť sme zabudli na fotky, ale to nevadí, bolo fajn aj bez papparazzi :)
Oh money, something that makes the world go around, or does it? Can we live without money? Is that really what life is all about? That's what we talked about this past club... again, I don't have pictures, but those who were there can confirm that we did indeed have a club! :)

Najskôr sme sa bavili o našim pocitoch/názoroch na peniaze samotné. Pýtali sme sa na to:
The first thing that we did this club was talk about our thoughts/feelings about money itself. We asked ourselves this question:

Čo najlepšie vystihuje váš názor na peniaze?
What statement best reflects my opinion about money?

a) Peniaze sú zdrojom všetkého zla. Money is the source of all evil.

b) Peniaze odvádzajú človeka od toho, čo je v živote skutočne podstatné. Money takes people away from what is really important in life.

c) Ľudia by sa nemali hnať za peniazmi, ale radšej by mali jeden druhému pomáhať zdarma. People shouldn't have to run after money, but should rather help others for free.

d) Nedostatok peňazí je zdrojom všetkého zla. The lack of money is the source of all evil.

e) Peniaze sú najlepší prostriedok ako zmeniť svet k lepšiemu. Money is the best way to change the world for the better.

Pozreli sme si video:
After which we watched this video:

a diskutovali:
Discussion #1:

- Akú hodnotu majú v dnešnej dobe peniaze a kedy ju strácajú? What value does money have in our lives today and when does it lose that value?

- V čom spočíva moc peňazí? Prečo ich ľudia milujú? Where does money get its power from? Why do people love it?

- Kedy sú peniaze použité správne a kedy nesprávne? When is money used well and when is it not used well?

Táto diskusia bola fakt dlhá...určite si viete predstaviť prečo! :)

Oh this discussion went long... as I am sure you can see why! :)

Povedali sme si pár príbehov... o chalanovi-čechovi, ktorý hral v Rusku profesionálne futbal, zarábal brutálne prachy, no jedného dňa ich všetky stratil. A o bezdomovcovi, ktorý je šťastný, že žije tak ako žije, pretože tým, že nič nemá, tak nemá ani čo stratiť.
Then Betka told us a couple stories... one about a guy she met in Russia who had a LOT of money and thought he had lost everything. The next story was about a homeless guy who said that he was happy to live as he does because if you have nothing, you have nothing to lose.

Až sme sa nejakým spôsobom dopracovali..
Which led us to ...

...k diskusii č.2
Discussion #2:

- Žijeme pre peniaze, alebo peniaze "žijú" pre nás? Do we exist for money or does money exist for us?

- Kto z nás je ochotný žiť bez peňazí? Who of us would be able to live without money?

- Kto z nás je schopný neviazať sa na hmotné statky? Who of us would be able to be free of dependency on material things?

- V čom spočíva skutočné bohatstvo? What is real wealth?

Napokon sme si pozreli krátku pasáž z filmu Nepriateľ pred bránami (, ktorý tu však nemôžeme uploadnuť, sorry!) V tejto ukážke Danilov hovorí Vasilijovi, že nikdy nebude existovať perfektná, rovná spoločnosť. Vždy si bude čo závidieť, ak to nebude práve bohatstvo, tak potom priateľstvo, láska, úsmev. Vždy tu budú ľudia bohatí v nadaniach - chudobní v nadaniach, bohatí v láske - chudobní v láske ... Och, chudák chlapík, bol fakt zúfalý! :)
Then we watched a quick video from Enemy at the Gates (which we don't have for you to watch, sorry!) Where Danilov tells Vasiliji that there will never exist a perfect, equal society. There will always be something to envy, if not wealth, than a frienship, love, a smile. There will always be rich and poor. Rich in gifts, poor in gifts. Poor guy... he was so depressed! :)

A na záver nám Marta porozprávala svoj životný príbeh o tom, ako sa znovu a znovu vo svojom živote presviedča o tom, že Boh sa o ňu sústavne stará a vždy v pravom čase zabezpečuje všetky jej potreby. Vo všeobecnosti však, keď chceme v živote vidieť zázrak, to sa týka aj finančnej oblasti, musíme si prejsť aj tým "predzázrakovým" stavom. Musíme okúsiť, aké to je byť na dne, či v ťažkostiach, aby sme si potom mohli vychutnať ten pravý zázrak v našom živote. Ináč by to nebol zázrak...

Then Marta closed us off with a story from her own life about how she has seen that time and time again, God has taken care of her and provided for her needs. But, in order for there to be a miracle, as far as financial things are concerned, we have to be in that pre-miracle state. We have to experience that true hardship before we can really celebrate in the miracle. Or it wouldn't be a miracle.

Tak v čom sme bohatí? Sme ochotní prejsť si aj ťažkými časmi, tmou...aby sme raz mohli uvidieť vo svojom živote svetlo?
So, what are we rich in?? And are we willing to go through the darkness in order for us to see the light?

A ako vždy sme aj tentokrát ukončili večer s nejakou tou dobrotou. A nie hocijakou, tentokrát to bola tá najsladšia 5000-covka akú ste kedy videli a jedli!! :)
Oh, and of course, as is tradition, we concluded the evening with a good dessert: this club it was the sweetest 5000SKK you will ever eat! :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Do I live what I say?

Klub číslo 2 máme za sebou, a aj napriek tomu, že som tentokrát nefotila, musíte mi jednoducho len veriť, že nás tam bolo akurát toľko, koľko sa do miestnosti mestí ! :) Témou večera bolo „Žijem to, čo hovorím?“ A keďže je to téma veľmi aktuálna, rozpútali sa k nej tri dynamické diskusie.

Well, club number 2 is behind us, and although I didn't take any pictures, you'll have to believe me that people actually came! :) This week's theme was "Do I live what I say?" And to this we actually had 3 discussions.

Diskusia č.1: Začali sme hodnotením našich hodnôt a toho, čo je nám vzácne.

Discussion #1: We discussed the values that we have, what is important to me?

Veľa ľudí preletí svojim životom na autopilota. V škole sa dobre učíme, aby sme sa mohli dostať na dobrú univerzitu. Chceme si spraviť dobrú vysokú školu, aby sme mali dobré zamestnanie. Chceme dobré zamestnanie, aby sme zarábali dobré peniaze. Chceme mať peniaze, aby sme si mohli kúpiť dobré veci (dom, auto, atď.). A toto všetko len preto, aby sme mohli mať dobrý život. Toto je to, k čomu nás táto kultúra vedie. Potom zrazu oslávime 50tku a uvedomíme si, že sme neinvestovali našu energiu a čas do vecí, ktoré nám prinášajú radosť – priatelia, rodina, voľný čas. Takže buď z toho dostaneme krízu stredného veku, alebo sa z nás stanú iba frfloši, ktorí však budú pokračovať v živote aký viedli dovtedy, alebo spravíme nejaké zmeny v živote, no aj tak, koľká strata času!

A lot of people go through life on auto pilot. We get good grades in school so we can get into a good university. We want a good university so we can get a good job. We want a good job so we can make good money. We want good money so we can have good things (house, car etc). All of this to have a good life. This is what popular culture tells us. Then we turn 50 years old and realize that we have not invested our time and energy into things that bring us joy - friends, family, hobbies. So we either have a mid life crisis or we get miserable and keep on doing what we've always done or we make some changes - but what a huge waste of time.

Čo keby sme nepreleteli životom na autopilota, ale začali premýšľať aktívne o našich hodnotách už teraz? Čo by sme zmenili v našich životoch?

What if we did not live life on auto pilot but started actively thinking about our values now? How would we live our lives differently?

Hodnoty sa nie vždy odrážajú v našich životoch. Niekedy si vážime určitú hodnotu (pravdu, podľa ktorej sa riadime v živote), ale neodzrkadľuje sa v našich skutkoch. Mám priateľa, ktorý o sebe hovorí, že je štedrý, ale nikdy sa o nič nepodelí. Jeho hodnotu nie je vidieť skrze jeho skutky.

Values do not always translate into real life. Sometimes we hold a certain value (a belief by which we guide our life) but it does not show through in our actions. I have a friend who says he is generous but never shares. His value does not show.

Trošku sme to okorenili týmto videom:

We also spiced it up with this:

Diskusia č. 2: Ako sa tvoje hodnoty odrážajú v tvojom živote? Do čoho investuješ svoj čas, peniaze a energiu?

Discussion # 2: how do these values show in your life? how do you spend time, money, energy?

Vytvárame si návyky – cielene a podvedome – aby sme dosahovali našich hodnôt. Napríklad, nikto sa nevyžíva v umývaní si zubov, ale aj napriek tomu to všetci robíme. Prečo? Pretože máme radi čisté zuby. Takže kvôli tomu, že máme túto hodnotu (čistých zubov), vytvorili sme si návyk umývania zubov.

We build disciplines - on purpose and subconsciously - to strengthen our values. For example, nobody enjoys brushing their teeth, yet we all do it. why? Because we value a clean mouth. So because we have this value, we have built the discipline of brushing our teeth.

Diskusia č. 3: Aké návyky si si už vytvoril na zlepšenie tvojich hodnôt? Aké iné návyky by si si ešte mohol vytvoriť na ich posilnenie? Pre tie hodnoty, ktoré sa neodrážajú v tvojom živote, aké návyky by si si mohol vytvoriť, aby si si ich privlastnil?

Discussion # 3 - what disciplines have you built to enhance your values? what are some other disciplines you could build to further enhance them? of the values that do not show in your life, what disciplines could you build to grow them?

A nakoniec nám Matt dal domácu úlohu – ak by si mal svoj život dať pre účely štatistiky na papier (ako tráviš svoj čas, peniaze, atď.) a dať ho vyplnený človeku, ktorý ťa vôbec nepozná – mal by možnosť tento človek spoznať tvoje skutočné hodnoty?

Then Matt left us with the concluding thought = if you had to put your life statistics on paper (how you spent time, money etc.) and give it to a complete stranger - would that person know what you value?

Aj keď sa zdá, že je táto téma jednou z tých ťažších, bola na klube super atmosféra. A koniec koncov my sme tu s klubom práve pre takéto veci, aby sme sa bavili o veciach, o ktorých sa bežne ľudia nebavia a tak si navzájom pomohli zostať na tej lepšej ceste k lepšej budúcnosti! Dúfame, že sa k nám pridáte budúci UTOROK, tentokrát na tému „PENIAZE: AKO ŽIŤ S NIMI A BEZ NICH?“ – 4. November o 18.30 na Kupeckej 6 !!!

I know this sounds like a really heavy theme, and it was, but hey... that's what we're here for. To talk about the things we don't normally talk about, to keep us on the journey towards a better future! Hope you join us for next weeks topic of Money: How to live with and without it - 4. Nov at 18:30 in Mozaika on Kupecka 6.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sny, čo snívame

Toto bola téma nášho prvého klubu v tomto semestri. Ľudí prišlo kopu a všetci sa bavili. Pre tých, ktorí to zmeškali, pozrite si aspoň HIGHLIGHTy večera... This was the theme of our first club this semester, which happened yesterday! We had a full house which was great, and I think everyone had fun! For those of who missed it, here are the highlights: This is the video we watched:

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

Bavili sme sa o týchto veciach:
These are the things we talked about:
  • O čom snívaš? What do you dream about?
  • Čo ti bráni v tom, aby si sníval VEĽKÉ sny? What is stopping you from dreaming BIG dreams?
  • Načo je vôbec dobré snívať? What's the point in dreaming at all?
  • Prečo sa ľudia vzdávajú svojich snov? Why do people give up on their dreams?
Potom Liz hovorila o svojom sne otvoriť si hudobnú školu a o tom ako sa tvrdo namakala, aby dosiahla svojho SNA. Keď sa jej však skutočne začalo dariť v práci, stála pred rozhodnutím vzdať sa tohto sna, aby dosiahla ďalší, ešte väčší SEN. Aby ho však mohla dosiahnuť, musela zavrieť svoju súkromnú hudobnú školu a pustiť sa na novú cestu, ktorá bola neistá a vyžadovala si veľkú vieru na to, aby si ho udržala. Then Liz talked about how she had a dream to open a music school, and about how hard she worked in order to achieve her dream. Then, just as things we starting to really go well, she was asked to give up this one dream in order to achieve an even bigger dream. But the fulfilling of her bigger dream meant closing her school and going into a new area of her life that was less certain and required a lot more faith in order to stick with it.

Ešte sme rozoberali tieto veci... Then we talked about these things:
  • Ktoré z tvojich snov stoja za to, aby si o ne bojoval? Are you dreams worth fighting for?
  • Bol by si schopný obetovať svoje sny za sny niekoho iného? Za akých okolností a pre koho? Would you be able to sacrifice your dreams for someone else? Under what circumstances and for who?
  • Bol si už niekedy v takej situácii? Have you already been in that situation?
  • Čo robiť, keď sny ostanú len snami? What do you do when your dreams stay only dreams?
A ešte sme si pozreli jedno video pre inšpiráciu! Then, we watched another video just for inspiration!

... oh, a spomenula som tie FANTASTICKÉ cookies-ky, čo sme mali na záver??? Oh, and did I mention the FANTASTIC cookies we had??? Mňam!!!

Tu je ešte zopár fotiek: Here are some pics from the event:

Monday, September 22, 2008

Nový Semester!!!!

Začína nový semester a s ním sa pripravuje aj ďalšia séria diskusných klubov PotichuNahlas. Prvé stretnutie sa uskutoční 7.októbra o 19.00 na Kupeckej 6, v priestoroch Mozajky na poschodi. Téma nášho prvého klubu je SNY ČO SNÍVAME... a chystáme aj nejakú tú pochúťku na záver. Viac si už necháme pre seba a podelíme sa o to s vami až na mieste. Tak šup, šup z lavíc a intrákov do Mozaiky. Tešíme sa na vás.

Our first club this semester will be on 7. October at 1900, on Kupecka 6, upstairs in the Mozaika office. Our theme will be the Dreams we Dream... and more I cannot say or it would ruin the suspence I am trying to create here!! Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Chces vidiet nas Powerpoint???

Čo by tebe tvoje 8 ročné JA asi tak teraz povedalo?
Si tým, kým si vždy chcel byť?
Ak nie, tak prečo?
Aké boli tvoje očakávania, sny? Kým si chcel byť keď si bol malý?

1. Cítiš sa aj ty niekedy stratený medzi ostatnými?
2. Pre aký život sme predurčení? Čo je tvojím zmyslom života?
3. Má život do seba viac ako to, čo si zažil do teraz?
4. Mohol by mať aj viac? Ak hej, v akých oblastiach?

Filmový večer 19.5. o 19. hod. v Mozaike: Šťastie na dosah, v hlavnej úlohe Will Smith. Príďte si oddýchnuť a garantujeme vám, že keď budete odchádzať tak vám váš život bude pripadať ľahký ako gombička.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

After Party

Dove Commercial-Slovak

Is your view on beauty distorted?

Ak si neprišiel pondelok, máš jednu novú šancu dozvedieť sa, čo tam bolo! Pozri si náš Powerpoint

If you missed Monday's PN event check out the Powerpoint

U2 Grace - Slovak

Milosť...mení škaredé veci na krásne! makes beauty out of ugly things!

Beautiful - Slovak

Je každý z nás určitým spôsobom pekný? Čo je vlastne krása? Kde ju môžme nájsť?

Is everyone beautiful? What is beauty? Where can you find it?


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

14.4 o 18.00

Nebol som!!

Ak si neprisiel pondelok, mas jednu novu sancu vediet co tam bol!

nas Powerpoint

= ta piesen k tomu

- ten klip ze sme pozerali na zaver...

A teraz mas skoro vsetko co sme robili.... okerem ta diskusia! Tak, chod diskusovat s niekym! Alebo, prid 14.4 a budeme mat inu temu!

Bol som!!

Ked si pondelok prisiel, radi bz sme poculi od teba! Co sa ti pacil? Co moze byt lepsie? Sme VELMI radi ze si prisiel, a dufame ze prides aj na buduce!

Monday, March 10, 2008